Innovation and equity in education. For the first time in Headwater Learning Solutions history, a multi-year strategic plan has been collaboratively developed through online consultations with a variety of stakeholders. This plan charts an ambitious plan in the next chapter in the HLS story.

Headwater Learning Solutions will grow its projects to support a greater number of learning communities, while simultaneously bringing customized learning products to market and initiating thought leadership conversations on the future of education across Canada and the United States. Ongoing communication and collaboration with its partner organizations Calgary Academy and Headwater Learning Foundation will strengthen the connection between the organizations and rally the community around improving learner achievement in a rapidly changing world.

Authentic relationships.

Relationships underpin the entire education system. Learner and educator. System and society. School and community. Through intentional collaboration and by connecting networks of networks, Headwater Learning Solutions will focus on growth to better help magnify its impact on learners.

Innovation and equity.

Education can be better, for all learners. The way things have always been is no longer good enough, especially with respect to underserved learning communities. Work in this portfolio will focus on growing the Indigenous Education Initiative, and building a transformative, inclusive vision for the future of learning.

Sharing knowledge.

Headwater Learning Solutions will always be a small team. But a small group of individuals connected to a global network can change the world. Sharing learnings, results, and programs ensures the greatest number of learners and communities are impacted. Bringing the Literacy Links program to market will help spread our work, and our vision, to as many communities as possible.