A Functional Level of Literacy in 30 hours

Literacy Links is a complete, systematic program clinically proven to help students become better readers, including readers who are just beginning, readers with low phonological awareness, and readers with low English fluency.

Research proves that phonological awareness is the foundation of reading and that it can be taught. Over a series of 30 one-hour sessions, this flexible, highly comprehensive “how-to” methodology helps instructors teach reading skills and literacy fundamentals to struggling readers.

After participating in the Literacy Links program for 30 hours, a non-reader will usually achieve a functional level of literacy.

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Success Stories

Since 2003, Literacy Links has given students the skills and fundamentals they need to become better readers and has given trainers the tools they need to change lives.

From the very first day of using Literacy Links, struggling readers see results. They leave the session a bit taller, heads held a bit higher, as they really believe they can do it.

Kathy Rollheiser Literacy Links Trainer

Grace struggled with reading despite all our efforts. Literacy Links and Kathy have given Grace the gift of autonomy.

Deborah Parent of a Literacy Links student

The progress I have witnessed teaching Literacy Links has been remarkable. My team has successfully taught more than 240 children to read over the last six years.

Dana Haynes Literacy Links Trainer

Who Can Use Literacy Links?

We recommend Literacy Links for educators or individuals with a solid background in literacy, English, or linguistics. For individuals without this background, or for those looking for an enhanced program experience, Certified Trainers in Literacy Links offer training and resources.

Meet our certified literacy links trainers!

30 one-hour sessions

Helping your students reach their reading potential.

How Does it Work?

Literacy Links works by addressing the following fundamentals:

  • Decoding — Decoding is the ability to read words by converting written symbols into speech sounds. When we read, we make sense of letters on a page. Letters are simply symbols that represent speech sounds.
  • Monitoring for Meaning — Literacy is not only the ability to sound out a word; it also involves being able to make sense of the word.
  • Reading in Context — Literacy Links helps the student put words into context, so they can fully grasp the meaning of sentences they read.
  • Phonemic Awareness — the ability to identify and manipulate the sounds within words.

Purchase Literacy Links

The Literacy Links program is available as a bundle or individual options. Instructors will require a digital manual to instruct the program, and will receive a video link to supporting video resources. Learners will require a set of magnetic connection pieces. Along with the virtual program manual, homework book, and magnetic connection pieces, you’ll also get detailed teaching methodology, lesson plans, examples, worksheets, videos, and sample dialogue so you can easily guide students to functional literacy.

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You will receive a box of magnetic connection pieces and a digital PDF manual. If you purchase a quantity greater than one, you will receive that quantity of magnetic connection pieces and digital PDF licenses. The digital license number(s) allows you to print more than one copy of your manual.


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You will receive magnetic connection pieces only. If you would like to purchase a digital manual, consider purchasing a bundle instead.


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