Amistad Academy

The goal of the Amistad project was to provide program development, specific training for new staff, and the achievement culture at the school.Throughout the course of the consultation, we looked for areas to leverage and adapt the Calgary Academy program for Amistad students’ unique learning context.

Sallie B. Howard

We were engaged to help improve student literacy and numeracy performance in state exams. At the same time, Sallie B. Howard was struggling with nearly 100% staff turnover every four years, effectively freezing any attempts at instructional progress and limiting teacher culture.

Professional Development

With the success of the Calgary Academy program, external professional development courses were offered to teachers from across western Canada from 1999 to 2002. With seed funding from the Max Bell Foundation, these high-in-demand courses were offered throughout the year and focused on active reading and learning strategies. Other workshops included, “How to thrive not…

Breakthrough for Learning

The goal of the BFL project was to improve learning outcomes for students in Brooklyn’s working-class District 19. Our undertaking included far-reaching professional development projects for two schools: one elementary and one junior high.

Vancouver Film School

Our consultancy work with VFS included, helping the instructors with curricular development, lesson planning and delivery, and assessment techniques. We helped the industry professionals develop the essential capacities necessary to deliver the creative educational material.