This winter, Headwater Learning Solutions (HLS) launched the redesigned and modernized Literacy Links program. First developed in 2003 through collaboration with educators, speech-language pathologists, and literacy experts, the Literacy Links program helps struggling readers achieve functional literacy through a series of 30 one-hour lessons 

Literacy Links is a powerful tool for educators to help early readers at all levels, including those who are just beginning to read, students who need to improve their phonological awareness, or who have low English fluency. British Columbia Special Education Teacher and Consultant, Kathy Rollheiser, has used the program for decades, delivering it directly to students, as well as teaching educators how to integrate the program into their own classroom practice and learning spaces. The rewarding stories and testimonials from those who have used Literacy Links continue to give her the drive to advocate and bring awareness to the benefits of Literacy Links across the country and internationally. 

Once you’ve used Literacy Links and seen what it can do, you want everybody to have it. Teachers benefit from this program, as well as students with learning difficulties or attention deficit disorders because it’s one-on-one, it’s fun, and it’s multisensory.

– Kathy Rollheiser, Certified Literacy Links Trainer

Literacy Links teaches the fundamentals, including decoding, monitoring for meaning, reading in context, and identifying symbols. Its approach not only ensures reading fluency but also builds students’ confidence alongside their developing skills.  

The updated Literacy Links continues our vision of ensuring learners have access to the tools they need to succeed. The mandate of HLS is to drive lasting change in our schools, our communities and our education system. We know a strong foundation in literacy is an early indicator of lifelong success, so getting this resource into the hands of more educators is to help as many learners as we can.

– Matt Oldham, Director of HLS

The new Literacy Links program has been streamlined, updated, and here.