Headwater Learning Solutions has a vision to be a catalyst for equity and innovation in learning.

Headwater Learning Solutions’ (HLS) roots in education run deep. Beginning in 1981 with the establishment of Calgary Academy, a private school delivering a specialized learning experience to students struggling with unmet needs, the seeds of what Headwater Learning Solutions could be began to grow.

While the goal from the very beginning was to broaden its impact on education and shape the future of learning, HLS began to see a distinct trend in the unmet needs of learners, and the vision around equity and innovation in education solidified.

The initial success of Calgary Academy far exceeded expectations, and with students achieving previously unimaginable success in the classroom, interest in program development expanded, from Calgary, across western Canada, and into the United States. The system that made Calgary Academy students successful could be adapted to help other underserved learners – specifically in underfunded inner city schools and on-reserve schools.

For too long, education systems have missed the students on the margins. Success for most learners is not enough. HLS exists to meet the needs of all learners.

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