No brick wall is immovable.

Our greatest challenge is developing systems that ensures learners can gain and hone skills that will prepare them for everything life has to offer. By partnering with diverse stakeholders, we build sustainable and scalable solutions that help prepare youth to be internationally competitive in an ever-evolving environment.

Headwater Learning Solutions has over 30 years of experience working in communities across the United States and Canada, including Indigenous Nations in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

What We Do

We build solutions that are systemic, scalable, and sustainable.

System level change isn’t easy, but it’s what is required to improve underserved learner outcomes across the country and around the world. Our solutions tackle the relationships between student and educator, teacher to school, and education systems to society.


We empower learner achievement by delivering customized education solutions through partnerships and our interdisciplinary network of specialists.


To be a catalyst for learning and innovation.

Our Beliefs

We are all learners first, continuously redefining what is possible

The skills learners need to thrive in and lead the world of tomorrow are constantly evolving

Educational leadership to transform teaching practices and build capacity is critical to improving outcomes for underserved learners

Innovation is central to positively impacting the future of learning and education

Every learning community is unique

Authentic relationships and forward-thinking collaborations will amplify our impact

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