Psycho-Educational Assessments

Headwater Learning Solutions offers comprehensive psycho-educational assessments for children and adolescents. A psycho-educational assessment may be recommended to help determine your child’s strengths and areas of need. The assessment is completed by a Registered Psychologist. Information is gathered from multiple sources to provide the best information about your child’s learning profile to help them receive the necessary support and strategies to move forward in their educational journey.

We are currently booking assessments! There is no referral process. When booking, please complete the intake information form and schedule an intake meeting and three assessment sessions (on separate days) that work best for you.

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Please note: we are unable to provide assessments for Autism or complex social-emotional or behavioural concerns.

What is a Psycho-Educational Assessment?

A psycho-educational assessment is a set of procedures that are completed to obtain information about your child’s learning profile. This includes assessing development, cognitive ability (verbal reasoning, visual-spatial and perceptual ability, working memory, and processing speed), academics (reading, writing, and mathematics), and executive functioning and social-emotional and behavioural functioning (attention difficulties, feelings of anxiety, depression, social skills, etc.).

Information about these areas of strengths and needs are then used to determine appropriate strategies and supports moving forward for both school and home. This information also helps to identify disabilities such as Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Anxiety, and more, which impact their ability to learn to their full potential.

What is the process of a psycho-educational assessment?

The assessment process includes:

  • One-hour intake session with parents (may be booked in person or virtual) prior to the assessment to review intake and background information.
  • Two to three assessment sessions at two hours per session with the student and psychologist.
  • Information gathering from multiple sources, including a review of information (past and present report cards, Individual Program Plans (IPP) or Individualized Education Plans (IEP), and previous assessment reports), interviews with parents, teachers, and the student to gather more information across different environments, gathering of information (rating scales and questionnaires), observations (if and when necessary), and formal and standardized testing.
  • A one-hour debrief session to review the assessment findings and report with parents. This session can take place in person or virtually.
  • A consultation with teachers and school staff to discuss findings, at the parent’s request.

What is the cost for an assessment?

The Headwater Learning Solutions psycho-educational assessment is a flat rate of $2,500 (10 hours at $250/hour). Assessment services can be submitted for medical/employer benefits as they are being completed by a registered psychologist. It is best to check with your benefits provider to determine the amount of coverage. If you do not have benefits coverage, psycho-educational assessments may be claimed as a medical expense on your income tax.

Calgary Academy students are eligible for a discounted rate. Please reach out to learn more.

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