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What We Do

Redefining what’s possible.

In an industry paralyzed by tradition, we’re a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change. With a strong network of specialists, we uncover solutions that help our clients reach their learning, business and education goals. We’re creating real world solutions – ones that have been tested, proven and reimagined for a better, brighter future. Beyond the research, we’re a group that is always questioning, always improving and always anticipating the needs of our clients.

Only 72% of students read at grade level.

Education hasn't changed for 150 years.

Five cohesive streams to support you.

Education is a complex system. That’s why we’ve created five unique streams, which all work together to solve problems and elevate learning. You tell us your challenge and we’ll find a way to fix it.

Learning Solutions

Our multidisciplinary team explores new learning approaches and translates them into powerful real world solutions.

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Learning Strategies

Our experienced team are experts in the business of education and deliver insightful strategies that set your organization up for success. 

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Learning Institutes

We bring theories, research and results to life at institutes like Calgary Academy. 

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Learning Centres

Our reading, writing and arithmetic programing closes learning gaps. It’s a highly personalized and affordable solution.

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Your support allows us to fund valuable research initiatives, support like-minded organizations and help those with learning disabilities.

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How We Do It

We’re aiming higher.

With every school we work with and every program we’re a part of, we get better at what we do and improve the learning experience. We’re expanding our reach and shaping the learning experience of students and teachers across North America.

Sallie B. Howard

Helping a free, independent, public charter school move towards being a 90/90/90 school.

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Brooklyn School District 19

Improving learning outcomes for students in New York’s challenging urban environment.

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Calgary Academy

Calgary Academy offers specialized education to those with a learning difficulties.

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When it comes to change, we think globally.

Our work began in Alberta, but we're elevating learning ecosystems on a global scale. Be part of our transformation.


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