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Who We Work With

When there’s no path to follow, we make our own.

The system is inefficient, and we’re doing everything in our power to fix it. We explore innovative solutions – tackling complex problems for our clients, even discovering ones they never knew existed. It’s this fierce innovative spirit that sets us apart and creates exciting opportunities for change.

Our future is what we make it.

We’re not willing to settle for the status quo. Putting our heart, resources and wealth of knowledge into what we do, we’re rewriting the future of education.

The right people and the right tools.

What’s it like working with a team that’s as invested in your cause as you are? Empowering. You’ll get experienced specialists, support and success at your very fingertips.


Designing a program from the ground up.

The flagship school in Connecticut’s Achievement First program aimed to prove urban students could achieve at the same high levels as their affluent suburban counterparts.

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“We’re inspired by the courage of our learners, the dedication of our professionals and the lives we change, every day.”

Our mission is to open doors for people to create a fuller expression of themselves, lifting us up as individuals and as a society. We want to be the inventors of a future that we can all participate in.

We’re revolutionizing classrooms.

We know that as teachers, you do far more than just teach. Beyond the demands of the classroom, you’re also tasked with innumerable, time-consuming responsibilities that make it challenging to improve the learning experience. Together, we can fix it and give you more tools for change.

Work with innovative research.

Our time and resources create more opportunities for you to bring your vision to life in the classroom. With our wealth of knowledge and research, you can elevate the learning experience for everyone in your community.

We’ll give you classroom-tested solutions.

Our programs are tested in real classrooms, ensuring they have real-world relevance and impact. Our teacher training isn’t based on theoretical lectures but on classroom-ready strategies that are ready to be put into action.


Teaching the teachers.

With the success of the Calgary Academy program, we started offering professional development courses to teachers across western Canada.

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“We see through the barriers to learning and create a path to exceptional results.”

Our team bridges the gap between theory and practice and help teachers co-create solutions based on their own ideas.

Where dreams and data work together.

Armed with applied research, we create programming that improves every part of the learning experience. Integrating Aligned Learning into everything we do, our approach reflects life experiences rather than just academic achievement alone.

From research to real world.

While many educational institutes use research to generate new theories, we use our research to create real world solutions. Take a look in any of our classrooms and you’ll see our work in action.

Our solutions comes pre-tested.

Our learning solutions have real impact and relevance. In fact, all theories and exemplars are tested in real classrooms, with real teachers, and real students. It is this kind of action research that will revolutionize the future of learning.


A Breakthrough for Learning

New York’s ‘Breakthrough for Learning’ program wanted to transform troubled school districts into high-performing educational enterprises.

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“Education is the key to a bold and promising future for humanity.”

We leverage an expansive network of partnerships, continuously reaching out to build new relationships, fostering change throughout every level of the education industry.

Our children deserve a better learning experience.

And together, we can give it to them. With today's outdated educational system, it's time for big change. As parents, guardians, caregivers and family members, you're wondering if there's a better way. And we're saying, 'yes'.

Real world learning.

Through aligned learning, we’re developing educational solutions that actually reflect students’ lives. We’re creating innovative learning ecosystems that better prepare students for what lies ahead.

Shaping the future together.

Learning is a lifelong endeavor. With this in mind, we collaborate with entire communities to mold young minds that will eventually shape our the next generation of learners. We know that everything comes full circle.


Where there’s a need, we meet it.

We have a unique approach to educating students with a desire to learn. Backed by decades of experience, we’re constantly identifying and refining new education methods to meet learners' evolving needs.

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“We have an unyielding commitment to exposing the complexities of learning, and revealing the path to potential.”

With progressive thinking and new approaches to education, we can give learners the tools they need for life. They'll be able to thrive in any environment.

Be part of the change.
Partner with us.

Join us on a journey to make meaningful change in the future of education.


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