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Who We Are

A history of change.

We’ve been elevating the learning experience for over three decades. What started with the Calgary Academy in 1981 as a private institute has expanded into an organization that’s elevating the learning experience globally. Success in one classroom led to a school, then research centres, and finally a team of specialized consultants. As we’ve expanded our reach, our story has become even more compelling.

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It all began with a school.

Our roots began with Calgary Academy, a flagship facility that has served over 4,000 students. Developing a unique philosophy and seeing the success at the Calgary Academy, we knew we could serve a larger community, and create educational success on a much larger scale. It was our big and bold dreams in the early days that ultimately set the stage for our success today.

As our offering expanded and knowledge base deepened, our reputation grew. No longer an organization with a single focus, we were renowned education leaders. We started two additional organizations, Headwater Learning Solutions and Headwater Learning Foundation, and combined, our attention is focused on empowering learners to succeed, developing educators’ expertise, and promoting and advancing innovations in education.

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Education can be better.

Our greatest challenge is developing a system that ensures learners can gain, and hone skills that will prepare them for everything life has to offer. Over the years, we’ve built our business around this very idea. By bringing the brightest minds together, we’re driving lasting change in our schools, our communities and our education system. Our history has shaped our future, and yours.

Our Leadership

Welcome to the HLG team, Dr. Greg Bass!

Dr. Greg Bass, President and CEO

Dr. Bass has been an Alberta educator for almost 30 years. He has served the education community as a teacher, principal, superintendent and as an Alberta Deputy Minister of Education. Most recently, he has worked as a consultant assisting organizations in achieving their educational goals. Working alongside a team of talented and dedicated professionals, Dr. Bass will focus on achieving Calgary Academy’s mission which is to help our students realize their full academic and social potential, achieve independence as learners and experience success, changing the lives of both students and their families.

“There can be no greater calling than to shape the future of learning.


Jessica Richmond, Chief Innovation Officer

As Chief Innovation Officer, Jessica leads the 21st Century instructional design team within Headwater Learning Solutions as they identify and develop scalable innovations for implementation across all our affiliate organizations. In her previous role as Principal at Calgary Academy, Jessica championed two key initiatives, an electives program and new X Block class, which quickly became flagship components of the Collegiate program. Her previous experience includes serving as Principal at Mulgrave School in West Vancouver and educational consulting with StartRight Learning. Jessica also volunteers her time as the Board Chair for Scarboro Community Preschool.


We’re part eyebrow raising realists, part head-in-the-clouds idealists and all eternal optimists.

When you partner with us, you're part of the change.

Join us on a journey to make meaningful change in the future of education.


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