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Learning Solutions

Solutions built just for you.

We deal with data and numbers but people are at the heart of what we do. Everything we’re working towards is designed to improve lives, and give learners the edge they need. With a highly specialized team, we identify new opportunities and customize insightful solutions. And when we see our ideas come to life in the real world, we know we’re on to something big.

Putting the learner first.

We co-create experiences that account for what students need to learn, how they should learn it and how it should be delivered.  Above all, the results are meaningful and relevant to each and every group we work with.

Teachers are the gateway to change.

No one is more invested than teachers in providing a great learning experience. We provide innovative and customized tools and we set teachers up to deliver on new possibilities.

Raising the bar.

Meeting standards isn’t good enough – we have to exceed them. That means asking tough questions, challenging traditional paradigms and raising the bar in every part of the educational system. We have to be bold to be better.

From theory to practice.

Our team of instructional designers bridge the gap between theory and practice. Thinking far ahead, we build future-ready models of learning. We make the impossible possible with every thought, theory and program.

We focus on the learning community.

When we create better learning ecosystems, we also strengthen the broader community. We invest time and resources and make sure we fully understand the people we’re working with. It’s all about delivering the right solutions.

Elevate your creativity with a PD course.

Want to learn how to think more creatively? Our professional development courses are for all adults and organizations.  Check back this summer for new courses.

Learn About All Our Streams

How We Do It

When it comes to solutions, we make sure it’s the right fit.

We learn everything we need to about a learning environment before we design programs for it. It’s our personalized approach that creates lasting impact

Junior High Robotics

This pilot project gives Headwater researchers the opportunity to fine-tune the robotics and coding program for full-integration into learning programs in the future.

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Professional Development

Teaching teachers active reading and learning strategies.

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Sallie B. Howard

Helping a free, independent, public charter school move towards being a 90/90/90 school.

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Help us be the solution.

Join us to unleash the potential of learners everywhere.


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