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Learning Institutes

Where theories and research come to life.

We bring everything together. The right programming, the right tools, the right resources and the right people. That’s how healthy learning ecosystems begin. With the courage to challenge conventional educational methods and an innovative spirit for finding new solutions, we’re making sure every student is set up for success.

Students come first.

Education can easily become institutionalized. Rather than getting caught up in “the system”, we’re focused on creating successful outcomes for those who are working within it. By keeping learners, and their needs, at the heart of our philosophy, everyone is engaged and committed to student success. Students, parents, instructors and organizations have the power to create extraordinary educational experiences.

We think and act differently.

Very little has changed in education over the last 150 years despite the fact that our lives are now very different.  Recognizing that there’s a need to evolve the system, we’re dedicated to aligning education with the modern world.

Strategic in our approach, we know which traditions to break and how to deliver learning ecosystems that are truly people-first.  By using applied research in everything we do, we’re creating valuable solutions and rewriting history.

While many educators have spent decades doing things one way, we’re on the hunt for a new and better way. It’s time to reinvent ineffective learning practices – and carve a new path to better learning.

We’re changing lives.

Take a look at one of our institutes and you’ll see the impact we’re having. As a community of passionate education professionals we are rethinking learning for every learner, every teacher and every organization.

Success through Aligned Learning.

We’re committed to creating rich learning ecosystems that are based around how students’ live, learn and work. Learning that is aligned to real life provides a student experience that’s relevant and integrated.

Tools for a lifetime.

We know that every learner is unique. Our student focused approach creates opportunities for every learner to flourish. It’s the heart of how we improve the learning experience.

Where it all began

“Calgary Academy's vision is to create the preeminent learning environment that empowers children to succeed today and beyond tomorrow.”

Our goal of educational transformation started with one institute - the Calgary Academy. Over the years, this progressive facility has helped thousands of students through innovative, personalized learning approaches. With engaged faculty and our constant push for new, and better learning methods, it’s an institute that continues to fuel our hunger for change.

Learn More about Calgary Academy

Learn About All Our Streams

How We Do It

We solve problems and set you up for future success.

It starts with collaboration and ends with positive change. Working with government, educational organizations, teachers and parents, we’ve developed unique strategies.

Vancouver Film School

Helping industry instructors with leadership development and professional development.

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Brooklyn School District 19

Improving learning outcomes for students in New York’s challenging urban environment.

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Indigenous Education Project

Identifying what’s working and what’s not working in the current Indigenous education system.

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Make a bigger impact.

We help teachers enhance their practice. Find out how.


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