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We’re turning a new page for learners.

When it comes to writing, we personalize the learning experience so that students achieve their unique potential. With a focus on the process and the product, we build transferrable skills that can then be applied to all aspects of life. Every day becomes an opportunity to improve writing skills and help students move forward.

The power of communication

A crucial part of communication, writing is a complex process where students often face challenges with process, function and composition. We assess each learner, customize a solution, and develop goals that help them improve their writing skills and communication.

How we teach

Knowing that one solution does not fit all, we draw on a myriad of resources and tools when it comes to creating better learning approaches. Our program provides multi-faceted learning pathways to keep learners engaged.

Step 1: Initial assessment

We determine the students’ strengths, weaknesses and goals through an initial assessment that is shared with you. A unique learning pathway is developed and from there the program begins.

Step 2: Program delivery

Every Friday, the learning coach delivers feedback about your child’s progress.

Step 3: Final report

Once progress has been made, learners complete additional assessments. They’ll receive a summary report that shares the progress they’ve made in terms of the goals that were established early on.

Writing is your first point of interaction with others. Being a competent writer is critical to making the best first impression.

Does your child struggle with writing?

When it comes to writing abilities, there are certain signs to watch for. Your child may have little confidence when it comes to writing or struggle with communication in all forms. Students struggling with writing also have a limited vocabulary.

View a comprehensive PDF on our writing approach.

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Our Remedial Courses

Our remedial writing courses help bridge the gap when it comes to writing abilities. Focussing on the three domains, students work at their own pace and gain the foundations they need to achieve grade level.

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