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We’re closing learning gaps and opening many doors.

When it comes to reading, we create an environment that sets students up for success. Leveraging student strengths, we personalize the learning experience, understand their weaknesses, find ways to motivate them, and continue to revise our plans based on their progress. With personalization comes great progress.

The value of reading

Reading is a complex process where students can face challenges with decoding, fluency and comprehension. We assess each learner, then customize a solution to their needs and goals. No two programs are alike because no two students are.

How we teach

Knowing that some traditional tools don’t work, we use a variety of different strategies, including technology-based programs that help create a more engaging and multi-sensory learning pathway. When students are learning in new ways, they’re more likely to connect with the subject.

Step 1: Initial assessment

We determine the students’ strengths, weaknesses and goals through an assessment, and share the report with you. Our first step is to write a report, set goals for the student and develop a unique learning pathway. A copy of the report is given to students within a week of the assessment and from there, the program begins.

Step 2: Program delivery

Once the reading program begins, we continuously evaluate progress and revise our plan. Every Friday, the learning coach delivers feedback and progress through formative assessments. Refinements are made as necessary.

Step 3: Final report

Once progress has been made, learners complete a final assessment. They’ll receive a summary report that shares the progress they’ve made in terms of the goals that were established early on.

We help students of all ages who face a number of unique struggles when it comes reading.

Does your child struggle with reading?

When it comes to reading, there are certain signs to watch for. Your child may not link sounds to letters or their reading could be slow and choppy. They may also substitute easy words for words that are harder to pronounce. If they can’t finish tests on time or find reading exhausting, they may need support to strengthen his or her reading skills.

View a comprehensive PDF on our reading approach.

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Our Remedial Courses

Our remedial reading courses help bridge the gap when it comes to reading abilities. Focussing on the three domains, students work at their own pace and gain the foundations they need to achieve grade level.

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