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Adding to their success.

With innovative diagnostics and engaging instruction, we’ve created a highly successful 2-10 math program. Our multi-modal approach includes hands on, visual and interactive elements, as well as accessing spatial-temporal region of the brain, which allow students to finally make connections they’ve never made before. Learning through play, math is finally fun for everyone.

Assessing their abilities

Success in math starts with an assessment that determines student strengths and weaknesses. Based on this assessment, the student will be assigned an individual learning pathway to support his or her progress in mastering each skill.

Documenting progress

We measure growth, provide regular check-ins and ensure students are progressing in terms of their abilities. In addition to the diagnostic report parents will receive weekly updates.

Step 1: Initial assessment

We determine students’ strengths and weaknesses through a comprehensive assessment. The next step is to develop a unique learning pathway and set goals for the student. A copy of the initial assessment is provided and reviewed with the parent(s).

Step 2: Program delivery

Once the math program begins, we start to evaluate progress and revise our plan. Every Friday, the learning coach delivers feedback and progress through progress assessments and reports. Adjustments are then made.

Step 3: Final report

Once the students begin their learning pathway, we continuously monitor their progress and adapt the pathway accordingly. Weekly updates are provided to parents.

We create math programming that meets their needs. But beyond that, we follow their progress and adapt the learning experience based on their growth.

There’s no one formula for learning

No two students are identical so we can’t expect their learning to be. We combine diagnostic assessment with adaptive learning programs to deliver a personalized learning experience that targets each students’ areas for growth. Our instructional coaches guide the student’s learning progress by providing them with the tools to explore and understand the mathematical concepts.

View a comprehensive PDF on our math approach.

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Our remedial courses

Our remedial math programs are fine-tuned so we know we’re challenging students, and helping them learn the material through a customized approach. We assess, monitor progress, use interactive instruction and ensure we have effective student-instructor ratios.

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